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  • 'Overnight success' in line for Desmond Elliott prize

    An unemployed civil servant who sparked a bidding war with his first novel is one of three debut novelists up for the Desmond Elliott Prize. Stephen Kelman is nominated for Pigeon English...

  • The Korean American success story

    Of all the groups of immigrants coming to the US each year, Koreans are said to be among the most successful, many reaching the highest levels of achievement in this country in a single generation...

  • Steve Jobs' 12 Rules of Success

    One of the most inspirational and successful entrepreneurs of all time, Steve Jobs offers success lessons to apply to your business. Enjoy the "12 Rules of Success" by Steve Jobs...

  • Simmonds shares her success stories with School Report

    They say that good things come in small packages and, after meeting Ellie Simmonds, it’s clearly true!.. Recently, we were lucky enough to catch up with Ellie at our national pool in Swansea - the centre of her world...

  • In Setbacks, Finding Motivation

    A cane-cutter’s son from Aguada, Puerto Rico, Antonio Pérez barely made it out of high school in Washington Heights in 1964. But he went on to earn a doctorate by age 27 and become a college dean by 29... by Ralph Blumenthal

  • Android’s Architect Talks Profitability and Success

    The secret to the success of Android, Google’s mobile operating system? Its newness, said Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering at Google and the chief architect behind Android... by Jenna Wortham

  • 3 Musical Experimenters Forge Indie Success in Area

    In today’s fractured music industry, the definition of success has changed: cultivating devoted niche audiences means more than major label contracts... by Jennifer Maerz

  • David Dimbleby given RTS lifetime achievement prize

    Veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby has been given a lifetime achievement prize at the Royal Television Society’s (RTS) journalism awards. The Question Time host was described by judges as a "giant of television journalism"...

  • An Afternoon in the Park by Julie A. Manhan

    Sam Ewing says: "Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it." Be inspired by a wonderful heart–warming short story written by Julie A. Manhan called “An Afternoon in the Park”...

  • 4,100 Students Prove ‘Small Is Better’ Rule Wrong

    A decade ago, Brockton High School was a case study in failure... “Achievement rose when leadership teams focused thoughtfully and relentlessly on improving the quality of instruction.”... by Sam Dillon

  • A Success Story That's Hard to Duplicate

    The case of a welfare mother of six pulling herself into the ranks of the middle class is rare enough to compel experts on class and poverty to zero in on a single question: What would it take to create more Angela Whitikers?

  • IN THE SCHOOLS; A Lofty Resume, But Firmly Rooted

    NOT many students receive invitations to take qualifying exams for the United States Physics Team, an elite group of 24 young scientists chosen from 207 top scorers. And not many who make the final cut pass up that prestigious opportunity... by Merri Rosenberg

  • Inspiration from Helen Keller

    Helen Keller (1880-1968) was a writer, lecturer, and advocate for the deaf and blind. Find out how character plays a vital role in success... By Bo Bennett

  • Find your voice. Become the solution. Make a difference.

    After a hectic day packed with morning meetings and a photo session, Maria Shriver takes time to sit down for an interview. Dressed for a charity dinner later that evening, she exudes grace and confidence; she seems the epitome of a first lady... By Erin Casey