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  • Searching the brain for happiness

    For thousands of years people have pursued happiness, but the problem has been that it has always been seen as a kind of fuzzy concept... by Dr. Morten L. Kringelbach

  • Couples should be able to choose their baby's sex

    Some parents-to-be are desperate to decide the sex of their new baby. Under current UK law this is not allowed, except in order to avoid gender-linked diseases, such as haemophilia and muscular dystrophy... by Stephen Wilkinson

  • Go Easy on Yourself, a New Wave of Research Urges

    Do you treat yourself as well as you treat your friends and family? That simple question is the basis for a burgeoning new area of psychological research called self-compassion — how kindly people view themselves...

  • On the Left Hand, There Are No Easy Answers

    Hand dominance (whether left or right) is related to brain asymmetry. And that, Dr. Francks said, “is not at all understood; we’re really at the very beginning of understanding what makes the brain asymmetrical.”.. By Perri Klass

  • Stress makes baby girls more likely

    People who suffer severe emotional stress around the time they conceive a baby are more likely to parent a girl, a study suggests... BBC News

  • How to Raise Our I.Q

    Poor people have I.Q.’s significantly lower than those of rich people, and the awkward conventional wisdom has been that this is in large part a function of genetics... by Nicholas D. Kristof

  • Staying happier for longer

    From the Buddha to modern gurus of self-help, there have been more than 100 exercises proposed which are alleged to increase lasting happiness, says Professor Martin Seligman...

  • Bad teens 'not fault of parents'

    A report from the Nuffield Foundation says today’s parents are taking a more active role in their children’s lives than parents two decades ago... by BBC News

  • A Fake Smile Can be Bad for Your Health

    When was the last time you flashed a fake smile at the office?.. Research suggests that an inauthentic smile to hide unhappiness can further worsen your mood... by Anahad O’Connor

  • Tough love 'is good for children'

    Children brought up according to "tough love" principles are more successful in life, according to a study... Report author Jen Lexmond said: "It is confidence, warmth and consistent discipline that matter most."

  • Very short children prone to bad behaviour

    Researchers found that treatment with growth hormone not only boosted growth in children, but also improved their conduct and relations with other people... BBC News

  • A Walk to Remember? Study Says Yes

    Now psychologists are suggesting that the hippocampus can be modestly expanded, and memory improved, by nothing more than regular walking... by Paula Span

  • Facebook 'friends' cause stress, research finds

    People with the most Facebook "friends" are more likely to feel stressed out by the site, according to researchers. Edinburgh Napier University found a significant minority of users suffered "considerable Facebook-related anxiety".

  • For the Chronically Late, It’s Not a Power Trip

    Contrary to suspicions, most chronically tardy people are not aiming to annoy those around them, said Diana DeLonzor, author of “Never Be Late Again” (Post Madison Publishing) and a former late person... by Phyllis Korkki